Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Nother Snowy Day.

I'm living in a freezer that needs defrosting. And so I'm defying winter by wearing my long underwear as leggings under dresses. Huzzah! 

We have our first big spring semester assignment for skool: replicate a 1941 educational comic in two weeks in groups of six. No problem, I say! I'm already preparing myself by writing cheesy dialogue. I'm not sure if it's all era appropriate, but it shore is a whole bucketful of fun, like my penny whistles and hula hoops. The theme is how being frugal can be fun, which is great since last semester I did a 1930s toy design of a rag doll. Although my doll was not very pretty. I made her out of white undershirts, confetti, and a paper bag. I meant to go to the craft store, but it just never happened. Jasmine was a true rag doll, she was. Say hello, Jasmine.

Here's a diary comic from December. I used an ink wash and then put the thing through a filter and some thresholding on Photoshop. I like it 'cause it kinda looks like a screen print.

In other news, I've learned how to make hummus. It's delicious and surprisingly easy. All you need is a blender and some garbanzo beans, more or less. I am a bean machine. 

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