Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Birds

Here's a new poster idea. 

And here's where I went this weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bird is the word.

I'm playing with ideas for a new screen print. Are birds and branches too passe? Heck no. They are a timeless classic. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Besides the birds, I'm going out for curry tonight on Brick Lane and going to Switzerland this weekend to visit my old au pair family. My little girls are going to be so big they won't even remember me! I'll speak poor French and it'll be just like old times. 

I just went out for lunch past all the shops and there's big summer sales right now. I've got itchy fingers to go buy all the clothes. All of them. 

Also I'm reading the biography of Roald Dahl and it's much too hardcovered and clunky to lug around on my morning train commute but I think I'll do it anyways. People will think I'm very important to be reading such a big book and I can use it as a weapon against possible attackers. 

Ramblings done. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunny London

Not really. It's raining today. I'm here in jolly England for a few brief months enjoying the weather and eating sausages and mash. So far I've been to Birmingham and Cornwall and almost every pub in London so I've just about done it all now.

I'm also doing a design internship in the very posh Canary Wharf. I ride the train with the millionaire investment bankers in my scuffed shoes. C'est la vie. 

So it hasn't been a completely lazy summer vacation from school. Here's some things I've been doing at work. Nothing ground breaking but it's been fun to play on InDesign and Illustrator for hours and hours until my eyes glaze over and the drool dribbles down my chin.

Two ideas for an informational board followed by two actual info boards followed by an Illustrator art board for a London Olympics campaign poster. I've removed logos for privacy purposes:

I've also been doing my own more exciting, fun stuff in the form of a travel comics diary, which I'll post in good time. x