Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anthologies and Sci Fi Book Clubs

Our big project last semester at The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) was to do a group anthology. Our group used a fictional event to tie all of our stories together. We each did a 10 page comic based on the theme that a girl goes missing in a small town. I adapted my comic from a short story I wrote about the parents of the missing girl five years in the future. I'm posting the last three pages of my story. Maybe I'll post the rest of the story later. I used a G-nib and ink wash on the art work.

In other news, my pink-haired friend, Jen Vaughn, and I are going to start a sci-fi/fantasy book club for girls. Is that super nerdy or super awesome? Probably a little of both. We're gonna start with some young adult fiction, either The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins or Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.

Also I've started running again thanks to some free gym passes. It's amazing what endorphins can do. Over and out.

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