Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cut-out States

Recently I made a birthday present for my dad. It was a paper cutout of Wisconsin. (I already had it under glass when I took pictures so everything is a little reflect-y.) Maybe I made it because I am missing my home state. There's a little star marking Trempealeau County:

This was a fun project and I thought, as we are moving soon and have tons of stuff going on, why not try to undertake something huge and ambitious and create a poster for every state? or at least some of them?

Mostly I just had a funny idea for one of the squarer states out West that I wanted to try out. This is what it looks like so far. Nothing is glued down yet and I'm thinking of putting something in the background:

I'd love to make a bunch of these of all different sizes for different states and do a gallery show eventually. Rhode Island will be tiny. How will I even cut it out?

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